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Society of Health and Physical Educators of Vermont

Welcome to SHAPE Vermont!


The Society of Health and Physical Educators of Vermont represents over 325 professional and pre-professional members in the fields of health and physical education. Our  goal is to assist members throughout the year by providing advocacy for our profession as well as professional training opportunities and presenting material of importance to them. Each fall an annual conference is held, which offers knowledge about exceptional programs, grants, new state guidelines and services for our members.SHAPE VT has a VOLUNTEER member-based Board who spend countless hours each year serving the society membership. Our services include the following;


  • Communicating with the media to educate various target groups about physical education and health programs in the public schools.
  • Developing  of a schedule for a two-day annual fall conference.
  • Planning various workshops offered throughout the year.
  • Developing state-level leadership for our profession.
  • E-Blast alerts to communicate news and advocacy with our membership.
  • Disseminating the latest information from the Vermont Agency of Education and SHAPE America
  • Recognizing fellow colleagues through awards recognition at our Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Obtaining and distributing grant and scholarships to improve school programs and one's practice. 


                                         SHAPE VT update on the COVID 19 School closures and teaching materials


Changing conditions may make it necessary other for teachers to provide lessons ready for their student to complete at home. Therefore, please consider sharing this message with your other physical education and health education staff.  This way if your schools close, your members will know their professional association was working for them!


First, if you choose to use our social media platforms to share ideas  (SHAPE VT Facebook and Twitter feeds) we ask that you do the following….

Include lesson ideas that are safe, developmentally-appropriate, and standards-based where possible.


Consider equity when sharing instructional materials… all students may not have the same resources (reliable WiFi, technology, equipment.) Some students may require considerable adaptations to complete home-based work.


Vet any videos VERY carefully… please hesitate to share lesson-based videos through our social media that come from “non-educational” sources. Review all language and again, consider safety and appropriateness.


We will continue to post updated resources and information relevant to our membership.


SHAPE VT has extended a call to all members to consider whom they will nominate this spring for our Annual Awards recognition. Please log onto our Awards Page to nominate a deserving professional or pre-professional.


SHAPE VT will be announcing our call for presenters for our Annual Conference, October 22-23, in Killington, VT. We will offer an extended strand for elementary classroom teachers who are teaching any components of health, wellness, and physical activity. Please let your colleagues know!


It is clear that you, our wellness professionals, are needed now more than ever! This is your time, as community leaders as well as informed practitioners, to shine. Please remember to complete your own self-care (I have “doubled up on my daily meditation and yoga.) I look forward to seeing you all when we can gather again.




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